For artists interested in working with us

If you are interested in being part of our team please contact us with your CV and examples or your work. We are always looking for new talent.


Why choose us?


  • We work closely with our clients. It is important that we establish personal relationships before business relationships. If you work with us, we will make it a point to meet you and view your work in person. Contacting us is easy with email and Skype, and we will always make time for conversation.


    • All styles are welcome. While we are selective about which art we choose, we believe there is a collector for every type of art. It is important to know that when we do shows and collections that we separate the different styles of art. Your art will always be shown with art that is similar to its style. 


      • We are centrally located in the Northeastern part of the United States. Our business is located in New Jersey, close to New York City and Philadelphia. Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston, and Pittsburgh are all with in driving distance for shows and events, offering a plethora of potential collectors.


      • We will connect artists with their own culture here in the US. Our representatives will reach out to organizations here in America that would be interested in working with us to help promote your art. For example, we would connect an artist from Italy to organization like the Italian American Society.  These organizations can be beneficial in reaching new collectors.
      • We have representatives near you. Our team has worked diligently over the past few years to establish relationships with people who are willing to represent us and guide us in locating the best artists in Europe.


      • You have the ability to sell artwork directly from your studio through our website. It is important that potential collectors can see your work in person, so we request to have a minimum of 3 pieces here in the US for show. This will help boost your online sales because art looks much better in person. There are many online galleries available but what makes us different is we will actually show your work at live events and in galleries.
      • We have flexibility. We are not tied down to a brick and mortar gallery. This gives us more working capital and time for promotion and exhibitions.


      • Fully licensed and insured so your artwork is safe.