Lew Brennan


Lew Brennan was born an artist. Painting and drawing from the day he could hold a pencil and selling art by the time he was a teenager. His passion for realism predates the American Super Realist genre, a school that captured his attention later in his teenage years at a time when Australia was fixated on abstraction and representational styles. He has been committed to his own form of realism in his art throughout his career, reflecting on the rural nature and culture of the region that he lives in. 

Brennan has been represented by numerous galleries over the past 30 years which currently include , AVRA Gallery Philadelphia USA, Manyung Galleries Victoria Australia, J K Gallery Thredbo NSW Australia, Featherhorse Studio Perth Australia.
Lew lives in rural Australia in the small town of Cooran in the Noosa Hinterland in the State of Queensland. His art reflects the landscape and the people that surround his everyday life as well as the people and places he visits in his travels to the United States.
His work is held in collections throughout Australia and Internationally and is a reflection of living, surviving, breathing and observing the rural life. “It's about the real deal. Finding and tracking the heart of a constantly changing phenomenon. From working and talking with the sons of the pioneers, through constant cultural change and the challenge of identifying authenticity in each new generation, this is where I find inspiration. It is the challenge of capturing the contemporary rural heart that is still beating.”
“ My art is the place where realism and ruralism and on occasion a touch of mystery crash into each other, with varying degrees of the resultant blend. It is my ongoing search for the true heart of life. It is about getting to the absolute core of reality and place, represented in such a way that the emotional triggers captured on canvas or paper are transferred to the viewer.”