Vassilis Kolokythas

Vassilis Kolokythas (b.1948) in Patra, Greece.

He was a graduate of Physical Education at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In parallel with his involvement in athletics , he jumped into art very early, developing great skills in the area. 

He took his first painting class in the lab of Dimitris Vergidis from Thessaloniki where he met Katia Lousta and Thanasis Karamitas. However, the mentor that gave him the tone and the deepness in the color, and the rich light from the Greek countryside, the tradition and the myth, was Giorgos Kazounis. 

Giorgos Kazounis uses oils as well as mixed colors and his topics are about nature and landscapes. His paintings are characterized by the rich feeling of joy, as the Greek light shines on them without lacking an intense ethnographic mood, similar to the New Greek Prose. Ever since then, Vassilis Kolokythas has followed the style of expressionist landscape art. 

Vassilis is critically acclaimed throughout Greece for his many solo exhibitions. His works can be found in the hands of both Greek and foreign collectors. 

Vassilis Kolokythas has been with Tzimas gallery since 1990 where has has been the leader in a stable of success. 

Solo exhibitions 

  • 1986 Gallery "Sgourou" Corfu Greece. 
  • 1986 Kalamata Art Room, Kalamata, Greece. 
  • 1989 Gallery "Third Eye" Rhodes, Greece. 
  • 1990 "Public Gallery" Patra, Greece. 
  • 1993 Gallery "Zygos" Patra, Greece. 
  • 2009 Multiplex Art "Agouridi" Patra, Greece. 

Some of his works were sold at Bonhams Auction House in London in 2009 and 2010, as well as at Tzimas Auction House in Athens Greece.